Procedures with prior medical exam

Procedures list

Monday – Friday 7 AM - 3 PM
ProcedureTime of procedurePrice
Medical operations:
Entry medical examination 1.200,- CZK
Entry medical examination – with discount coupon  600,- CZK
Control medical examination 600,- CZK
Drinking cure ordinance 450,- CZK
ECG 600,- CZK
Blood analysis 1.500,- CZK
Healing procedures:
Peat wrap20 minutes550,- CZK
Subaquatic massage-manual20 minutes750,- CZK
Subaquatic massage-automat20 minutes600,- CZK
Dry CO2 bath20 minutes450,- CZK
Mud bath20 minutes690,- CZK
Scottish spritzers10 minutes400,- CZK
Lymph Drainage20 minutes690,- CZK
Ultrasonic treatment3 – 10 minutes350,- CZK
Magneto therapy20 - 30 minutes350,- CZK
Endo-Vaco10 minutes450,- CZK
Laseraccording to doctor350,- CZK
Gas injectionsaccording to doctor450,- CZK
CO2 bath20 minutes650,- CZK
Inhalation15 minutes300,- CZK
Hydroxeur20 minutes600,- CZK

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