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Monday – Sunday 07:30 – 15:00
ProcedureTime of procedurePrice
Aromatic massage50 minutes1 300,- CZK
Classical massage – partial20 minutes670,- CZK
Classical massage - whole body50 minutes1 190,- CZK
Hot Stone massage- partial20 minutes800,- CZK
Hot Stone massage- whole body50 minutes1 650,- CZK
Sole reflective massage30 minutes950,- CZK
Bubble bath with added:
Carlsbad salt
Sea salt
 20 minutes595,- CZK
Exercise in the pool20 minutes300,- CZK
Oxygen therapy60 minutes450,- CZK
Paraffin hands treatment15 minutes340,- CZK
Body Mass Index Measurment 350,- CZK
Yogapilates50 minutes350,- CZK
Yoga50 minutes350,- CZK

Treatment of nasal cavity - NASJA

Nasja is very effective in in disorders such as stiff neck or jaws, headache and migraine, sinusitis, runny sinuses or excessive sensitivity of the facial part.
The application is particularly suitable in winter when adequately protect against the flu, colds and viremia.
Treatment consists of: relaxing facial massage, inhalation and application of nasal drops.
Recommended daily application.
Treatment takes 20 minutes and costs 350, - CZK.

Ear Candling

It is recommended for recurrent headache, tension or pressure in the head, during stress, exasperation, insomnia and for feeling of pleasant relaxation.
They are also used when a fault hearing, cold, sinusitis, viremia, tiredness and strengthen the overall immune. Their applications greatly improves hearing.
Recommended application is 1 x / Month
Treatment takes 20 minutes and costs 450, - CZK

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