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Mud packs


Mud wraps are one of the most popular spa treatments in Karlovy Vary, offering not only relaxation but also therapeutic benefits. This therapeutic procedure involves the application of warm mud to specific parts of the patient's body, creating a soothing and beneficial wrap. The mud contains minerals and organic substances known for their anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, helping to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Mud wraps are often recommended for individuals suffering from back pain, joint issues, or for those seeking a way to indulge in relaxation and body care during their stay at our spa hotel in Karlovy Vary.

This procedure not only provides significant health benefits but also allows guests of our spa hotel in Karlovy Vary to experience a unique blend of traditional spa therapy with modern comfort and care. Mud wraps are an excellent way to achieve harmony between body and soul and rejuvenate your energy during your stay in this beautiful spa destination.