Lymphatic drainage


Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage:

 Mechanical lymphatic drainage is a modern and effective procedure that helps guests relax and improve the circulation of the lymphatic system. This non-invasive therapy uses a special device to massage and stimulate lymph nodes, which can help remove excess fluids, reduce swelling, and enhance overall feelings of lightness and relaxation.

Partial Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

 Partial manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle and therapeutic massage procedure that focuses on specific parts of the body. Our experienced therapists use special techniques to support the lymphatic system in the designated area, which can help alleviate swelling, tension, and improve comfort in the targeted body region.

Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

 Full body manual lymphatic drainage is a relaxing and comprehensive therapy that addresses the entire body. Our expert therapists perform gentle massage techniques that help stimulate the lymphatic system throughout the body. This procedure can provide deep relaxation, support detoxification, and enhance the overall sense of well-being for our guests.